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Parent-Teacher Conferences

jpgConferences are scheduled twice a year. Their purpose is to give parents and the teacher an opportunity to explore together and gain some insights into the behavior of the child at home and in school. Additional conferences may be held if either parent or teacher feels the need for them.

Group Meetings

The teacher of each group will plan two meetings a year with all of the parents. Here parents will learn about behavior common to the age level of the group, discuss in detail some of the plans and programs of each separate group, and keep abreast of the general development of that group. At these meetings parents have an opportunity to ask questions of the staff and exchange experiences with other parents.

Parent Meetings

School-wide and community-wide meetings planned by parents and staff are held several times during the year. The purpose of these meetings is to gain insight into child behavior and to discuss important educational topics.

Parent Participation

Cooperative preschools represent a unique opportunity for parents and educators to work together to provide young children with the best possible experiences for wholesome growth and development.

Tuition fees are established with the expectation that parents will do some of the work that would ordinarily be done by employed administrative and other skilled help. Therefore, all parents, both mothers and fathers, must expect to serve actively on the various committees of the school and do all the chores necessary to keep the school and equipment in good condition (e.g., painting, cleaning, repairs, and improvements). In addition, parents are asked to work in the office according to a schedule (once every several weeks). In order to accommodate working parents, special workdays are set up. From time to time, parents may also be called upon to assist in the classroom, go on trips, and help with special functions.

A Board of Directors, elected by the parents, meets monthly to set policy and to plan and maintain the administrative function of the school.

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